Lusitanissimo 318

PSL Stallion, born 2019

Height 162

Son of Dardo, Manuel Braga

A very nice and friendly young horse, easy in all handling, making low school and even some flying changes, as his canter is so well balanced. Ridden a lot outside, been to Golegã and behaves perfectly. A real sweetie!

Vetcheck with x-rays OK

Price: D

Lusitanissimo 305

PSL, born 2018

Height 163

Extremely well moving young horse, sensitive and with an excellent

rideability, used to being in the paddock.

Easy in all handling

Won his first dressage competition in Alter do Chão in April 2023

Second place at The international Lusitano Festival June 2023

Won his two classes during the Golegã Fair Nov 2023

His trainer and rider, Mateus Sousa Abecassis, says about him: "I often save him until the end of the day, as he is such a pleasure to ride and always wants to work with the same enthousiasme, good mind and great talent. A real jem"

At the Salon do Cavalo Lusitano in Lisboa, he was elected to be in the team of young dressage talents by the International Dressage judge Carlos Lucas Lopes, the Olympic riders Miguel Ralão and Daniel Pinto and by the members of the APSL board with 8/10. Below you will find some  videos from the event, which really shows his excellent quality.  

Price on request

Lusitanissimo 319

PSL Stallion, born 2021

Actual height 163

Son of Dihol AR, out of Ativa IM, by Piton Manuel Braga

A gorgeous youngster with great movements, suspension and flexibility! Worked a little by hand only so far, as born in May

Price: D

Lusitanissimo 307

PSL, born 2019

Height 163

Beautifully moving young horse with a very nice character.

Just started under saddle.

Price: C

Lusitanissimo 308

PSL, born 2021

Actual height 152

 Very baroque, young horse by Lirio MD (Rubi AR) and Estrela JIC.

Nice movements and a very good character

Price: B

Lusitanissimo 320

PSL mare, born 2018

Actual height 157

 Beautiful young mare with good movements and an excellent mind. Low school, now in training. Easy  in all handling, use to paddock.

Likes to work and learns easily

Price: C

Lusitanissimo 309

PSL, born 2022

Exceptional yearling with very good structure, movements and mentality!

He will be a tall horse, but very typical, lovely suspension and so beautiful and charming!

Price: B

Lusitanissimo 314

PSL, born 2020

Height 166

 Gorgeous young stallion, very close to perfection with a super mind, movements and still very typical and on top of all this, he has an excellent paper.

Price: F

Lusitanissimo 317

PSL, born 2013

Height 157

 A very baroque stallion with a lot of will to please and a beautiful mind. He is very well trained in all lateral movements, flying changes and pirouettes and does very well with the Garrocha. As sweet as can be and very endearing!

Price: C


Graded mares with foals or ridden mares without

Different ages and sizes

 Price: B

Price Ranges :

A : Up to 5,000€

B : Between 5,000 € - 10,000€

C : Between 10,000€ - 15,000€

D : Between 15,000€ - 20,000€

E : Between 20,000€ - 25,000€

F : Starting at 25,000€