This can be done in different ways:

1) You see one or several horses on my site and decide to come to Portugal and try them out, in order to see, if the chemistry and riding are what you are looking for.

2) You see one or several horses on my site and ask me to do a thorough investigation, document it with videos and photos and send it to you. If you like one of them, we do a vetcheck, which I also film and send to you, your vet and/or insurance company. If everything is OK, you can buy the horse through an international banktransfer and have it transported to your home, at your costs, of course.

This has been done by some clients from different countries and they are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Some of them went to Sweden and became Champion of Champions:

URO from Rex and Lee Henry, Borboleta from Quinta do Gaio and Crioula from Vasco Oliveira Santos.

3) You have some specific desires and ask me to find the horse/horses corresponding to these. I give you an estimation of the costs, which is to be paid in advance. Then you either come down to try it or we can procees as stipulated in the 2nd example.

In all three situations, you pay me for the costs of petrol, tolls and occasionally a meal or two. I' m offering the work, which demands efforts and knowledge, but it is also a great passion for the Lusitano horse, its breeders, traditions and Portugal, which I have shared with people for over 20 years.