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Dec 8th - 9th, 2012


Results from the Final of the National Working Equitation Championship 2012

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"A horse for a King on a Day of Glory" The Duke of Newcastle

This page was made in order to informe about this magninficient horse, which in the most exquisite way combines strength, courage, dexterity, agility, energy, suppleness, willingness to cooperate and to please, and last but not least, beauty and nobility both physically and mentally.

Margareta M Brandau, ex-president and founder of the Swedish Lusitano Society

I have throughout the years helped a lot of persons to find their "Dream horse". To share one´s knowledge and contacts, so that as many as possible may enjoy this wonderful breed, has become somewhat of a  passion.

As I now live in Portugal, breeders invite me very often to come and see their horses. That is why I today can give an even better help to the person wanting to buy a Lusitano.