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Dec 8th - 9th, 2012


Results from the Final of the National Working Equitation Championship 2012

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This can be done in different ways:

1st Example: You see one or several horses on my site, and decide to come down to try them out, in order to see, if the chemistry and riding are what you wish.

2nd Example: You see one or several horses on my site and ask me to do a close investigation and documentation and send to you. If there is a horse, you want to buy, we make a total vet check. If everything is ok, you can buy the horse and he/she can be sent home to you at your costs, of course. This has been done by some Swedish clients and they are happy to answer any question you might have. Three of these horses, so far, were Champion of Champions in Sweden: Uro, Borboleta do Gaio and Crioula.

3rd Example: You have some specific desires and ask me to find the horse/horses corresponding to these. I give you a estimation of the costs, which are paid in advance. Here I also have some references to communicate. Then you either come down to try or deal with the buy as stated in the 2nd Example.

In all three situtions you pay me for the costs like petrol, tolls and occasionally a meal or two. I am offering the work, which demands efforts and knowledge, but also is a passion, that I am sharing with people since more than ten years.

When you decide to buy a horse, I can also help with the vet check. I only work with the best vets in Portugal depending on where the horse is, but generally with Bruno Miranda at the Clinic in Golegã (Capital of the Horse) and Rui Mendes at the Jockey Club, Campo Grande Lisbon. They can also help with castration, if that is desired. The cost varies between €450 and €650 depending on how many x-rays and if they have to sedate the horse, etc.

A vet check without x-rays but with flexion tests and all the rest, would be between €200 and €350, depending on the vet. I often use Ana Hellman, a young, very competent vet.

If you feel a litle bit uncertain going around on your own and want to avoid misstakes, costs and waste of time and maybe also get a more "inside" view of the Portuguese horses and traditions, help with equipment, etc, I fetch you at the airport, guide you through and, after a, hopefully, nice stay leave you there to take your plane home again.